Comparison of six different Cheetah softboxes

In my newest video I compared the 6 different softbox options available from Cheetah. This includes the Quick SoupBowl (QSB-26, QSB-34, QSB-42), Quick RiceBowl (QRB-36, QRB-48) and Max20. 26″ QSB-26 34” QSB-34 42” QSB-42 20″ MAX20 36” QRB-36 48” QRB-48 Beauty Dish Plate for all quick softboxes Cheetah Rolling Boom Stand There’s plenty of details […]

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Portrait Retouch Part 1 of 3: Enhancing Eyes and Facial Features

Portrait Retouching with Luminar is a three part series: Enhancing Eyes and Facial Features; Smoothing Skin, Sculpting the Face and Removing Blemishes; and Adding a Finishing Touch.

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